This is best suited to senior leaders who are dealing with complex and multifaceted challenges; who encounter a diverse set of stakeholders and agendas while also operating in a fast-paced dynamic environment.

It is also highly effective and suitable for ensuring success in the 1st 90 days in a new leadership role/and or company.

At the outset of the programme we would set overarching goals and then each time we meet session specific goals are set to ensure the client is getting relevant value and support in each session.

I am a results focused coach, examples of outcomes that my clients have achieved through Executive Coaching sessions with me include:

  • Strong self awareness of their strengths and potential derailers
  • Tools and techniques to manage their behaviour during times of stress and pressure
  • Strategies to lead and engage diverse and dispersed teams during a crisis
  • Deep understanding of how they are perceived and how they want to be perceived
  • Improved relationships with seniors and peers
  • Increased adaptability and emotional agility
  • Identification of priorities and required next steps