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My Executive Coaching programmes are designed to get leaders into the right zone, to make them aware of all the things they need to do and not do, to ensure they build and maintain credibility, engagement and followership which enables them to be a success for themselves and their company.

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This is best suited to leaders who are transitioning into a new Senior Leadership position either within their company or as a new joiner. These leaders benefit from truly understanding the key factors that will enable them to rapidly make an impact and be successful in their new role. This programme is designed to support the leader as they transition in their first 90 days, ensuring they maximise on opportunities, avoid any traps and quickly become a key asset to their new company.

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The Sustained Success Programme is best suited to Senior Leaders who are established in their roles and would benefit from having a trusted partner and confidante to support them on their continued success. These leaders are typically dealing with complex and multifaceted challenges; encountering a diverse set of stakeholders and agendas while also operating in a fast-paced dynamic, client driven environment.

Established Senior Leadership position header

Having worked as a Head of HR in a Corporate for many years, I truly understand the frustration of a new leader not making an impact or valuable contribution quickly enough as well as the time it can take to reset a leader when they have gone down the wrong path.

I also know the significant difference it makes when a leader has a supportive confidante in whom they trust and can be vulnerable with, with whom they can explore different strategies and tactics and accept challenge in a constructive and positive way.